Here is a quick trick that allows you to use the character strengths of Judgment and Perspective to snap out of a bad mental space.

Use this trick when you've had a bad day, when something hasn't gone as well as you had hoped,  or when you're simply stressed out.

  1. Answer this question: What is the #1 thing stressing/bumming you out right now (Your top challenge)?
  2. Now write a list of the Top 3 things you can APPRECIATE about your challenge. 

An example from my own journal: 

  • Challenge = I don't have enough time in the day to do everything I need/want to do. Things are piling up, and many are simply not getting done.
  • Three things I appreciate about this challenge: 
    • It forces STRUCTURE in my life. 
    • It helps me APPRECIATE the time I get to spend on things. 
    • It helps me WINNOW OUT the things are are not important.

And there you are: Gratitude is right there, to spice up the challenge. Nice! 

Source of this exercise: Tal Ben-Shahar's The Pursuit of Perfect.