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Awareness is the first step of the ARIA journey. In the Awareness stage, get to know who you really are. Start by getting in touch with what you need or want in your life.  Discover your true passions. Develop a healthy self-concept. Clarify your strengths, values, capabilities and more. 

What is Awareness - or more specifically, self-awareness? The dictionary defines self-awareness as “knowledge and awareness of your own personality or character.” When you’re self-aware, you have an accurate and clear understanding of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs. Awareness also includes an understanding of how others perceive you.

Part of self awareness is self acceptance. This involves developing a healthy self-concept, learning how to manage difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, so they do not hold you back from your potential.  Self acceptance also includes knowing and accepting your path. 

Lacking self-awareness can lead to conformity, pursuing the wrong goals, following the wrong path, which lead to disappointment, depression and loss of hope. Self-awareness is necessary for taking control of your life, since the direction of your life is determined by your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and reactions. Self-awareness is the principle way of understanding and navigating on your Hero's Journey.  

Awareness Helps you:

  • Avoid confusion and false starts on your journey
  • Improve your relationships, career, and happiness
  • Illuminate patterns within past failures and challenges
  • Perceive the situation, others, and yourself more accurately

Awareness begins with a daring, bold and action-oriented journey inward, that will later inform your every action that you take on your life’s journey.  This introspective journey will result in a greater self-awareness, self-confidence, while discovering your inner strength and courage to create a life that is truly yours. But it is not just sitting around navel-gazing. Once you know your inner strengths, you can make powerful, creative, meaningful changes in your life.  

This process will empower you to realize your potential, by providing you tools, techniques, and strategies throughout to make your journey to make it a success. The course includes several lessons with a variety of reflections and activities to guide you through this exciting journey to authenticity. What you will discover is how to live your life as the real YOU. Tap into your true potential, so you can see it, believe it, and do it.    

How Can Awareness Motivate me in Life?  

The most powerful motivation comes when you identify your inner compass, your True North, or Path. Once you start to identify your own inner strengths and qualities, you tap into the motivation you need to become the best version of yourself. This is often referred to as Intrinsic motivation - the most powerful and long lasting determination you can use to pursue your heartfelt goals.  

Motivational Awareness is based on the premise that by understanding your values and character strengths you can enhance your efforts to achieve your goals, which will lead you on a life long path of happiness and well-being as you apply your unique strengths in daily activities. True motivation comes from knowing the meaning and purpose underlying what you do and why you are making an effort.  Knowing and acting on your “why” is critical to living each day with joy. Purposeful people are happier and healthier, and live longer.  

Each section in Awareness contains key concepts and different exercises to help you identify your motivation, path and true self. The exercises introduced will not only help you know the true you, but will improve your your optimism, stress tolerance, flexibility, stress management, problem solving, reality testing, impulse control, decision making, independence, assertiveness, self-awareness and positive self-regard to name just a few. Since change does not happen overnight, you will want to revisit this area as often as possible.  

In Awareness:  

  • Gain clarity about your values, priorities, and choices.
  • Build your self-esteem and embrace your individuality.
  • Eliminate negative self-talk, procrastination and resistance to change
  • Bring awareness to habits, patterns and routines that limit your potential
  • Discover your inspiration, motivation and purpose to inspire and energize your efforts.
  • Discover who you really are

Stages of Change:

Awareness  - Know what you want, wish or desire now and in the future
Resilience - Develop your strengths and ability to make changes  
Inspiration - Create pathways around and through problems to reach your goal
Action - Take the next best steps using a system to track your progress

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ARIA - A Path For Real Changes:

Awareness - Know what you want, wish or desire now and in the future
Resilience - Develop your strengths and ability to make changes
Inspiration - Create pathways around and through problems to... (More)

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