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What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is your "home base" when you are on the Path4Change. It's a place where you can connect with other people who are passionate about making real changes in their lives, and get the supplies and resources you'll need to get on the path to your next trek or adventure. It's absolutely free to join, connect with others, share knowledge and take action.

When you join you can:

  • Start and take part in member discussions
  • Access exclusive information, workbooks and tools from our experts
  • Share your own insights, links, photos, even videos
  • Earn Basecamp Coins to redeem for fun rewards
  • Become a Basecamp Guide, to help us grow our community

Wondering how you can improve your wellbeing?  What is your inner voice whispering? 

My heart really yearns to …  The way I want to contribute to the world is by …

Not sure what you can contribute? What do other people ask you about? 

I really enjoy helping people with …  I feel fulfilled when I help people …

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Basecamp: Start Here

  1. Follow the Guidelines - Basecamp is a safe place to listen and be heard. Our guidelines are an important part of ensuring we all feel safe.
  2. Update Your Profile - You can access your profile from the top right side... (More)
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What are YOUR top 5 Character Strengths?

Let's talk about Virtues and Strengths! In order to find the most personal meaning in Basecamp and its resources and community, we HIGHLY recommend you take 10-15 minutes to learn your top 5 character strengths:

  1. Go to the VIA Character... (More)
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BASECAMP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There's a lot going on in Basecamp. Where do I start?

A: Although you can jump in anywhere that interests you, we encourage you to start by visiting Mission Control. That's where you'll get an overview of the components... (More)

Basecamp Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All Basecamp members are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct, both online and during in-person events that are hosted and/or associated with Basecamp or Path4Change PLLC.

No Advertising of any Products or Services

This forum... (More)