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Providing wise counsel to others about morality and the meaning of life.

"I enjoy counseling others and sharing perspectives based on the bigger picture."

ARIA Phase:                       AWARENESS

VIRTUE:                                WISDOM

OVERUSE:                           • Overbearing  • "Know it all"  • Head in clouds

UNDERUSE:                       • Lost in the details • Anxious • Conformist


  • Picture yourself in five years having addressed a current challenge. 
  • Find purpose in a recent action or decision. 
  • Read wisdom quotes and re-write them as an action you can take.

REFLECTION: How has perspective helped you in a tough situation?

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Playing with Perspective

Perspective is my #1 character strength, but creativity isn't in my top 5. So I thought it would be fun to find some examples of people having FUN and getting creative with perspective. Hope you enjoy this video of perspective... (More)

Fault Finding vs Benefit Finding

Here is a quick trick that allows you to use the character strengths of Judgment and Perspective to snap out of a bad mental space.

Use this trick when you've had a bad day, when something hasn't gone as well... (More)

Tal Ben-Shahar, The Pursuit of Perfect

What an inspiring read! The premise: The good life is a process, not a destination. If you stop trying to achieve perfection, and instead point your inner compass toward what is good, you'll live a much happier life.

Ben-Shahar is... (More)